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All about car spoilers

Spoiler Types

There are quite few spoilers under the spoilers roster but I will be sharing information about a few and well known spoilers from the roster. So let's for starters I will write about front spoilers, Front spoilers or air dams are aerodynamic enhancement to a car fixed well below the front bumper to direct the air flow towards the radiator of the car. The air dam is usually popular with owners with a lot of power under the hood. This enhancement reduces the flow of air under the thereby reducing aerodynamic lift and drag. Next in line is Lip spoilers, Lip spoilers come in two types' front and rear. The Front ones are widely used in conjunction to the side skirts of your vehicle making your vehicle's ride height look much lower. The Front lip spoilers give a much cooler silhouette by elongating the front bumper cover. The rear ones are attached just below the boot lip but it is more of an aesthetic enhancement than performance. Now next is the Truck spoilers it is again an aesthetic enhancement mounted on the boot with braking lights, which is an add-on to your other two. So, these lights ignite with the other two every time the brakes are applied.

Now let's see pedestal spoilers, Pedestal spoilers are those actual aerodynamic enhancers, which create the essential amount of downward force on the vehicle when attached to the boot of the vehicle. This type of spoiler is disrupts the aerodynamic drag and gives better fuel economy and performance. It is more or less of the same width as your vehicles boot. It may also be anchored at as many as 2 or 4 points. It is fixed to the rear end on the boot of the vehicle. The Roofline spoiler is next in line. This type of spoiler is attached right in between the rear window and the roofline. It is usually found with extra brake lights also. It is usually an add-on to CUV's, SUV's, Hatchbacks and Minivans, which lack in a separate boot in the rear end. It also increases the stability and the overall performance of the car. The last in the list is the Lighted Spoilers, which is more of a safety enhancement than a performance oriented thing. The rear end of the car is mounted with a rear spoiler decorated with LED lights. They are adjusted to the required height positioning it in the line-of-sight of vehicles following. Being LED lights, it can be seen even through thick fogs making the driving experience safer.

Front spoiler
Front Spoiler

Attached to the front of the vehicle's body, front spoiler, usually called air dam, is aerodynamically designed to improve the airflow and reduce drag and fuel consumption. This accessory is usually made of lightweight metal or plastic placed beneath the front bumper of a vehicle and intended to increase aerodynamics by blocking the flow of turbulent air under the chassis.

Lighted spoiler
Lighted Spoiler

Lighted spoiler provided with the lights you spoiler will not only ensure optimal brightness and visibility from behind, but also add a stylish accent to the rear of the vehicle, which is noticeable both in the daytime and in the nighttime.

Pedestal spoiler
Pedestal Spoiler

The post spoiler is a popular aerodynamic addition, which is positioned on the top of the vehicle's trunk. This automotive accessory can improve stability of the car at a high speed for a performance benefit on the street. A well-designed spoiler can both modify the look of the car and improve its performance.

Roof spoiler
Roof Spoiler

Roof spoiler is an aerodynamic device that is usually attached to the rear of car's roof. It is custom designed to fit the upper window section and installs directly above the glass.

Lip spoiler
Lip Spoiler

Lip spoiler is a best choice for the driver who prefers a more subtle and at the same time appealing upgrade. Installed on the lip of the trunk, this styling accessory delivers a sporty image that is easy to be recognized. The lip spoiler can peer off the rear of the automobile without being too tall or wide. It also underlines a sleek lines of the car.

Truck spoiler
Truck Spoiler

When attached to any truck's rear, these accessories make it appear aggressive like a roadster. Different types of truck spoilers are suitable for different types of truck brands and their models.